Friday, March 30, 2012

Intro Stage's Intro Post

Hello one and all, ladies and gentlemen, children and adults, humans and members of other species, prokariotic and eukariotic beings! Welcome to the first post of this brand new blog, which I can assure is not part of a convoluted plot to achieve worldwide mind control.

This blog is, instead, simply a place for me to talk about game design. And who is this me I'm talking about? My name is Filipe, which is equivalent to Philip for you native English speakers. It is a fitting name, as I do like horses. I am usually located in Lisbon, Portugal, a place located on the western end of Europe, for those who are having trouble finding it and should go back to school. I am currently studying Computer Engineering. I will be 22 very soon.

But enough about trivial details. I have always had a passion for video games, ever since I saw Sonic 2 on display in a local toy shop, which sadly no longer exists. I was part of the original Pokemon generation, and I still play the games today. Maybe because of that background, I have a certain fondness for retro games, while not dismissing newer types of games.

As such, my main objective in life is to become a game designer/artist. One thing I would love to do is make a fighting game, design the different characters and their moves.

I created this blog so I could exercise my critical thinking when it comes to games, and my creativity as well. You will see games being disected, wild ideas being thrown around, and a bit of humor to lighten things up.

I had a lot of trouble choosing a name for this blog. In hindsight, this name's a pretty obvious choice. I was actually expecting it to already be taken when I went to try it. Guess I have more luck with blog names than girls. As for the meaning behind the name, a good intro stage should teach you all you need to play the game, and I plan to teach something about games to those that want it, so the name kinda fits.

And that's it for now! I've gone on long enough. Tune in soon for a post about improving a character in a game, and the facelift this blog deserves. (I need a logo.)

Fact of the day: Did you know that the orca, commonly known as killer whale, is actually a dolphin?

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